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Volume 12 Number 6, 2022


Melvin D. Angeles
Assessment of CNSC Labo Demographic profile and Disability Prevalence Rate

Amritha Rajkumar
Challenges Faced By Human Resource Team During Covid-19.

Moraya P. Caclini
Financial Model: A Practical Tool for Financial Management Practices of Micro-enterprises in Ifugao, Philippines

Mr Ahmed Sobhy Ali
The Impact of leadership Style and organization culture on employee readiness to change with mediating role of employee commitment to energy management An empirical study on petrochemical secto in Egypt

Muna Abualhoul
Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorders In Jordan An Overview Of The LiteratureNBlogs of Сivil Servants of the Republic of Tatarstan in Social

Orlando Carmelo Castellanos Polo
Financial Audit Key Audit Issues and COVID-19

Orlando Carmelo Castellanos Polo
Internal control and forensic auditing in public entities

Mr. Piyathat Siripol
TESOL pre-service teacher’s perception towards pedagogical translanguaging in language education

Surya Madhavan
Virtual Cloth Warping using Deep Learning

Rina Walmiaty Mardi
Retail Business Model in Assisting MSME Business Continuity in Medan City after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nunung Rodliyah
The Role of Judges in Islamic Law Perspective

Romeo Felarca Detaro
Selected Relocation Sites Quality of Life in Iloilo: CAS Graduates’ Development Bases of School Extension Program

Dr. Deepa Singh
Role of Social Entrepreneurship in The Socio-Economic Development of The Developing Countries

Luluk Sunyani
Integrated Waste Bank Application for Zero Waste Program

Ann Charyl M. Gallo
Financial Literacy of the Select Micro and Small Enterprise Owners and Business Performance

Carla Carmela P. Ramos
Conduct Of Tracer Studies for Quality Assurance Mechanisms: A Basis for Curriculum Enhancement

Carlo Genster P. Camposagrado
E-Commerce Adoption Towards Sustainable Bamboo Industry in the City of Alaminos, Philippines

Yusreni Warmi
Experimental Investigation of Insulator Dielectric Strength of Transmission Tower in Rocky Areas

Minsani Mariani
How Perceived Trust Mediates Indonesian Lenders' Intention to Use P2P Lending Platform

Nelson Elita
Efect Of Types of Organic Materials and Microbial Enrichment on C/N Ratio, Nutrition of Compost, and Microbe Population WITH Trichoderma Sp. Indigenous Activators

Yaseein Soubhi Hussein
Virtual Reality Systems for Exposure Therapy

Wan N. H. W. Ariffin
Development Of Risk-Based Dam Safety Framework in Climate Change Condition for Batu Dam, Malaysia.

Cristeta G. Tolentino,
Knowledge Management Initiative for Organizing and Sharing Institutional Learning Resources in Higher Education

Dr. John Gerald A. Pilar
Phonological Idiosyncrasy of Kawayan Dialect of Southern Negros, Philippines

Roselle M. Soriano
“Unfolding the Lived Experiences of Students in Thesis Writing”

Luna, E.C
Coastal Community Profiling and Environmental Assessment of Manila Bay Areas in Cavite City

Yousuf Nasser Said Al Husaini
Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Performance: A review

Fajrie Agus Dwino Putra. ST. MM
Analysis of The Kalasan Feeders Quality performance when New Big Customers are Connected to PT PLN (Persero) ULP Pangkalan Balai Electrical System

Gabrele D.Cubero
Unveiling the Lived Experiences of Rebel Returnees: A Phenomenological Study

Carlos Alberto Amaya Corredor
Validation of the relevance of the graduation topics, with the training profiles of Environmental Engineers from the Technological Units of Santander, Colombia.

Mustapha Olalekan Rufai
Readership Of Newspaper Editorial Among Undergraduates Of Mass Communication Department Federal University Oye-Ekiti Nigeria

Bonny Lindasy Gonzales Pulido
Improving The Error Rate In A VLC -EPPM System Using Turbo Product Codes And Bit Interlacing

Genaro M. Molina
Performance of Senior High School in Physics Problem-solving using Blended Learning Strategies

Dr. Richa Jagatramka
The Effect of Pandemic on Shilpgram of Patna, Bihar

Ar. Aishwarya Hatkar
Harnessing Wind Energy

John Anthony A. Liu
Statistical Approach in the Determination of Causality Factors of Seismic Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Residential Buildings

Imam Hidayat,Dafit Feriyanto
Crystallite size and Solid Solubility Cr to Fe analysis of Fe80Cr20 Interconnect Material Treated by Ultrasonic and High Energy Ball milling Process

Yafet Jaya Kusumo
Vehicle Speed Prediction Using YOLOv4 and XGBoost Regression

Reni Karno Kinasih
Analyzing Toll Road as a Solution to The Existing Highway Problem

Hery Sapto Dwi Nurcahyo
Planning and Control of Information Security on Infrastructure IT Management Project in Pharmaceutical Industry with ISO27001:2013 Approach

Nanang Ruhyat
Utilization Of Waste Heat Recovery to Reduce Water Content in Low-Calorie Coal with Fluidized Bed Dryer

Jerome G. Gacu
Design of River Floating Trash Traps Using Recycled Plastic Bottles and Characterization of Waste Collected in Odiongan, Romblon Philippines

Reina T Payongayong
Exploring Challenges And Opportunities In Internship Amidst Pandemic Using Sentiment Analyzer For Interns

Indra Siregar
Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Tourism Development Strategy Model in the Lake Toba Region

Ma Teresa B.Ballados, PhD
Socio-Economic Benefits of Members of a Public Mutual Fund

Mario Hadi Kusuma ST
Effectiveness of e-Procurement Application Implementation to Realize Transparent and Efficient Procurement of Goods and Services at PLN (Persero)

Simarjit Singh Lamba
A LITERATURE SURVEY on Machine Learning in Banking Risk Management

Aminath Sudha
Public Service Motivation – Individual Performance mediated by Organizational Commitment: The effect of Public Service Motivation on the Maldives Civil Service

Balachandra Reddy
A Study of Security Threats and Attacks in Cloud Computing

Azmeraw Belay
Civic Engagement as a Function of Parental and School Socialization and Social Media Use among School Adolescents: The Mediating Role of Perceived Competence for Civic Action

Georges Bellos
Estimating the Impact of the Effective Resource Valorization on Enhancing Tourism Activities in Lebanon

Shahad Atwan Al Malki
Surah Al-Fatihah: A Descriptive Analytical Study

Iswan Brandes
The Effectiveness of Supervision of Driving License Services in Gorontalo Police

Kasni Kallo
The Communication Pattern Of The Women And Children Empowerment Office In Minimizing The Level Of Violence Against Women And Children

Dayanara de los Ángeles Peñafiel Salazar
Realities Of Sexual Harassment In The Administrative Staff Of A Higher Education Institution

Mayra Espinoza Arauz
Organizational Diagnosis of The Internal and External Environment for Strategic Business Management.

Jimena Catalina Viteri Ojeda
Business Simulation Laboratory Design Proposal

Curve Fitting Model Analysis of Cyber Crimes, Cyber Bullying and Online Sexual Exploitation in India

Evaluating the Mediating Effect of Gig Workers’ Contribution towards Rural Citizen Satisfaction on E-Governance Health Care Services during COVID-19

Muhammad Tahir Jan
Resigned Marketing in Light of the Circular Economy: An Empirical Investigation of Malaysia and Pakistan

Dr. Satakoon Kaewmungkoon
The Effect of Capital Structure on Firm Survival during Covid-19 Crisis of Listed Companies in Thailand

Dr. Takan Chatiwong
The Effect of Capital Structure on the Firm Value of Listed Companies in Thailand

Young-Chool Choi
Exploring Measures to Promote Official Development Assistance by Local Government in Korea

Young-Chool Choi
Analysis of Research Trends in Social Value Measurement

Yuliia Rybinska
Professional Emotional Support of Soldiers during and after War

Daihong Li
A Review of wavelet-based analysis for driving monitoring to detect local damage on bridges

Muqdad Noori Azeez
Modern Short Story Women Writers: An Analytical Study

Betty Arli Sonti Pakpahan
Master in Christian Education Management: Challenges and Opportunities for Curriculum Development

Hisardo Sitorus
Hacking Impossibility in an Era of Disruption: Development of Online Teaching Materials for Early Childhood

Fening, P.A.
Technological Advancement and Survival of Smes in Ghana: The Case of the Blacksmithing Industry in Kumasi Metropolis

Jayanta Hazarika
Impact of Self-Help Group on Economic Empowerment of Rural Women by Support of Govt, a Study in Dhemaji District, Assam

Tongxin Cai
The Application of Semiotics in Art Implantation in Rural Construction

Nelson Elita
Effect of Types of Organic Materials and Microbial Enrichment on C/N Ratio, Nutrition of Compost, and Microbe Population with Trichoderma sp. Indigenous Activators

Motlhaka HA
Teaching Poetry in English First Additional Language Classroom through Online Classroom Presentation at a South African Rural University

Dr. Nader H. Abu Sharekh
The Effect of Internal Control System (ICS) on Organizational Effectiveness (OE): Empirical investigation from Privet Universities in Palestine.

Dr. Jennifer Ellah Adaletey

Nameirakpam Bijen Meetei
Strategy Of Alliance : An Analysis of Electoral Victory of BJP In Manipur

Nameirakpam Bijen Meetei
From the Corner: Conflict, Woes and Call for Expanding IHL (Story about Victims in Unregulated and Overlooked Conflicts)

John Vincent I. Manalo
The Development of Malunggay (Moringa oliefera) Molo Wrapper: Techno-Guide for Instruction, Community Extension, and Production

Husna T. Lumapenet
Effectiveness of Self-Learning Modules on Students’ Learning in English Amidst Pandemic

Ms. Felina Gail V. Mar, LPT, MAED
Offline Learning Experiences: Stories of Challenges and Success in a Community College

Quezon, Marissa S
Entrepreneurial Competencies and Business Performance of Millennial Entrepreneurs

Mr Naseem Ahmed
The Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 & its Current Implementation Status

Goki P. Sihombing
The Impact of Potential Merchant Fleet and Government Policy toward Nation’s Maritime Defense

Cecep Hidayat
Strategic Leadership in Indonesian Maritime Security and Its Relationship with the World Maritime Axis

Ms. Mehak Vohra
An Analysis of Farming Laws in Terms of Philosophy of Social Contract and Liberalization

Tarhata S. Guiamalon

Rendy Ananta Prasetya
The Strategy of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) in Facing Ideological Threats

Nguyen Thanh Binh
Associated Factors Of School-Going Adolescents’ Injuries In Vietnam

Mr. Abhas Srivastava
Exploring Jurisprudential Foundations Of Victim-Offender Mediation And Its Incorporation Under Indian Criminal Justice System

Ms. Shriya Agarwal
Ethical Media Reporting: A Myth Vis-À-Vis Role of Law to Safeguard Ethics

Oloria Malau
Appreciating And Empowering the Elderly: The Biblical Application of Cyber Counseling

Ni Komang Armaeni
Understanding Level of Construction Actors in the Environment Local Government of Indonesia Regarding Design and Build Projects

Edy Ikhsan
In Plantation We Trust: Nederland Handels Maatschappij in Medan (1886-1960)

Tatiana P. Maksimova
Food Security And Measures To Support Small Businesses In The Agro-Industrial Sector Of The Economy In The New Economic Conditions

Natalia Alekseevna Prodanova
Influence Of Property, Plant and Equipment Measurement After Recognition Accounting Policy on Financial Results of The Entity

Margarita Alekasandrovna Naslednikova
Variability Inventories’ Accounting Measurement

Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra
The Resilience of Undagi's Role in Traditional Balinese Architecture Based on Asta Kosala Kosali in Bali, Indonesia

I Made Dwipa Arta
Socio-Political and Economic Studies in Conflict Implementation of Building Approval Permits in Gianyar Regency, Bali, Indonesia

Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra
Protecting the Natural Environment and Socio-Cultural Through Tourism Village Design Innovations in Bangli, Bali, Indonesia

Putri Anggreni
Performance Evaluation Model for Employees Who Graduate from Formal and Non-Formal Tourism Education

Anastasia Vasilyeva
It-Basis of the Organization of the Educational Process in the Modern Era

R. Juli Moertiono
The Relationship of Indonesian Sharia Bank with the Interest in Saving of the Muhammad iyah Community (The Implementation of Religiusity Concept: Study at Indonesian Sharia Bank in Medan City)

Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Behera
Artificial Intelligence and Iot Based Smart Education to Monitoring System for Student's Attendance and Teacher's Feedback for All Education Institution Using Machine Learning Algorithms

Dr. Ehssan Ibrahim Allagabu Ibrahim
Impact of digital public relations in meeting the needs of the labor market at King Khalid University

Dr. Ahmed Bushnaq
Personal Finance Product Using the Bai-Salam Contract as a Financing Tool (As Conducted By Islamic Banks): A Jurisprudential Study

Dr. Elgaili Mhagoub Ahmed Fadl Elmula
Significance of English as a Foreign Language in Arab Culture

Dr. Hiresh Luhar
How Information Technologies Help in the Educational Process of Higher Educational Institutions

Moustafa Farag Abdelaziz Ahmed
The Islamic Cognitive-Behavioral Rehabilitation of Adolescents in the State of Qatar

Ahmed Mohammed Abdullah AlSahari AlShehhi
The Role of Human Resources Management in Achieving the Dimensions of Diversity of Management in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

Amporn Sa-ngiamwibool
Significance and the Unique Symbolism of Seasons in Selected Poems

Korakoch Mounggam
Representation of Time: Interpretation of Theme in Selected Poems

Roman Nevzorov
Pedagogical Measurement of Physical Condition as a Component of Professional Readiness of Tactical Aviation Pilots

Idha Nurhamidah
Systemic Functional Rhetoric: A Mixed Hallidayan-Aristotelian Approach to Persuasive Speeches

Samar Billi Noaman
Estimating the Impact of the Lebanese Economic Crisis on Employee Turnover through Motivation among other mediating variables as impeded by COVID-19

Hadeel Abdellatif
A Theoretical Perspective into Green Supply Chain Management

Hasbollah Bin Mat Saad
Philosophy Of The Islamic Education And Framework Of The Islamic Principles In Empowering The Roles Of Academics

Dr. Hana F. Khasawneh
The Irish Feminized Diasporic Narratives: Motherhood and Motherland

Pokawin Jeerasak
Factors Affecting the Application of Agricultural Machinery for Harvesting Agricultural Products

Rouhollah Khodabandelou
Research Trends in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: A Combination of Thematic and Bibliometric Analysis

Arita Marini
Development of Interactive Media in Learning Science for Elementary School Students

Dr. Hana F. Khasawneh
The Irish Famine, Newspapers and Relief Efforts: 1840-1860

Asya Azhar Fathina
The Effect of Hedonic and Utilitarian Value on Brand Trust and Brand Affect as Intervening Variable on iPhone

Chaisit Thongkam
Recycling Gypsum Waste into Eco-Friendly Buddhist Stucco Interior Design for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Sri Yanti
The Effect of Transformational Leadership, Self-Efficacy, Competence on the Performance of Private University Certification Lecturers in the Kepualuan Riau Province through Organizational Commitment and Achievement Motivation

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arkom Sangiamvibool
Negotiating Changes to Maintain an Isan Ethnic Identity

Preecha Noulnim
The Artistic and Historical Legacy of a Roadside Cult: Chao Pu Kham Hua Chang Shrine

Korakoch Mounggam
An Investigation into Conceptualization and Composition Strategies of Chinese EFL Undergraduate Students in Essay Writing

Amporn Sa-ngiamwibool
Political Commentary on Oppression in Selected Poems

Ibrahim Mohammad Hussein Bani-Hamad
Assessment of Jordanian Science Teachers Perceived Skill in Classroom Assessment

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha-Hanoi
Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Logistics on Regeneral Energy Industry E-Trade in Vietnam

Ana Faizah
Integrative Model Of Organizational Behavior In The Perspective Of Organizational Citizenship Behavior Through Organizational Commitment And Employee Engagement Of Patient Safety’s Implementation Toward Health Workers In Hospitals For Handling Covid-19 Ba


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