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Time for Critical Military Sociology

Yagil Levy Description Abstract   Military participation – the proportion of society’s members who are mobilized in the military – has been steadily declining since the 1960s. In the face of the declining public interest in military affairs that has ensued, the community of military sociologists and civil-military relations scholars is called on to be more engaged…

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Constitutionnalisme et contrôle politique des militaires en Afrique francophone

Michel Louis Martin Description Résumé  En Afrique subsaharienne, francophone tout particulièrement, l’activisme politique  des militaires a longtemps été endémique, avec de nombreux coups d’État et régimes militaires. Depuis les transitions politiques, amorcées au début des années 1990 et visant l’installation de la démocratie, ce phénomène s’est considérablement atténué et, s’il n’a pas entièrement cessé, il…

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A Principal Component Analysis of Swedish Conscripts’ Values and Attitudes towards their Military Education

Megan Weber & Johan Österberg Description Abstract    By identifying components relevant to conscripts’ success in and positive attitudes towards the military, we may be able to make it a more attractive employment option for current and future age-cohorts, thus solving the recruitment crisis not only in Sweden, but in several other European countries that…

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“Our Forces” Become Alexei, Yuval and Liran : The Transition of the Israeli Soldier’s Media Image from the Collective to an Individual

Elisheva Rosman-Stollman & Zipi Israeli Description Abstract This article examines the transition from collective to individual representations of the combat soldier’s social identity in Israel through his domestic media image during 1982-2009. Soldiers, and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in general, enjoy a uniquely central position in Israeli society, and therefore changes in the representation…

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Deployment and Dehumanization : A Multi-Method Study of Combat Soldiers’ Loss of Empathy

Morten Braender Description Abstract     Studies in soldier motivation and socialization have shown that servicemen’s level of compassion decreases following deployment to war. This may to some extent be explained by the transgressive nature of the combat soldier’s service : the soldier puts himself in harm’s way, and must if necessary kill the enemy. Hence,…

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Raoul Girardet et al. La crise militaire française, 1945-1962

Par Bernard Boëne Classics of the Military Field in the Social SciencesClassiques du champ militaire dans les sciences sociales

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