Textual Repetition in the Poetry of the Knights in Pre-Islam


  • Lect.Ayad Gumer Karam
  • Prf.Dr. Uhoud Abdilalwahid Abdil Alsahib


Textual repetition represents an important constructive and functional energy in the formation of literary text, and its semantic support for certain terms. The text has to keep them in the center of attention in the apparent expressions to the listener and the reader alike. The repetition of these words that are considered favorite to the writers and novelists, that can be determined in the basic sentences: in the content / topic concerned with the discourse and the text.  Repetition ( ) performs certain semantic functions. It achieves the textual cohesion regarding the Repetition method (element use) since the text beginning till the end of it. This kind of extension contributes textual parts correlation prominently, and this element may be a word, phrase, sentence or a paragraph (types of repetition and forms). This is going to be our main task to analyze the Arab Nights poetry in Pre-Islam.




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