Examining the Difficulties Encountered by Iraqi EFL Learners in Oral Skill Performance


  • Husam Mohammed Kareem Al-Khazaali Imam Al-Kadhum College (IKC)


difficulties of learning oral skill, speaking skill, performance, interview, class observations


The goal of the present study is to discover the problems and difficulties meeting Iraqi students in the high school classes. Six learners in a state high school situated in Misan city take part in this tentative study. The study searches the difficulties the learners encounter in the education process; mainly in the attainment of speaking skill. Nonetheless, oral proficiency, as applied by the educator, rarely purposes as a way for learners to obtain information and have new thoughts. This study tries to recognize the difficulties that Iraqi learners face in speaking ability. Research methodology followed in this investigative study comprises of learners’ interviews and class observations. After gathering information and taking notes from the learners’ speaking skill. Statistics composed reveals that the learning of the learners’ speaking skill ability is connected with some difficulties that constrain their search to cooperate and show themselves in everyday circumstances. All in all, the study reveals that when gaining speaking skill, numerous difficulties inhibit the learners’ oral proficiency for example inadequately qualified teacher, regime procedure, evaluation structures, and a reduced amount of application of audio-visual aids etc.




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