Ombudsman Systemic Review: Citizen Right Protection against Maladministration in Indonesia


  • Agus Triono
  • Ria Wierma Putri
  • Marlia Eka Putri


Complaints against public services in Indonesia are frequent and repeated in important and strategic sectors. This indicates that the commitment to reform the bureaucracy and prevent maladministration in the field of public services has not been fully successful. Through normative legal studies by analyzing various legal products related to public services and supervisory institutions specifically formed to supervise public services delivery, this study explains how to protect the right to public services from maladministration in Indonesia and how the ombudsman as a public service supervisory agency prevents maladministration through systemic review. The results of the study show that maladministration occurs when there is no systemic supervision in the field of public services. The systematic review conducted by the ombudsman is an important instrument in preventing maladministration which is detrimental both materially and immaterially for the people in getting the right to public services as a constitutional right. Systemic review of the ombudsman is conducted by administratively evaluating the public services delivery by government agencies and predicting the potential for maladministration that may occur. The results of the Systemic Ombudsman review in order to evaluate the administration are in the form of suggestions for improvement. The problem is that these suggestions are not legally binding and are often ignored.




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