An Analysis of Communication Strategies for Health Promotion Hospitals in West Java


  • Yustikasari
  • Renata Anisa
  • Retasari Dewi
  • Priyo Subekti


Health promotion is implemented to change the community behavior by providing information and motivation and fostering awareness of potential diseases and health maintenance to improve their health conditions. Realizing effective health promotion requires communication strategies. This study aimed to analyze the implementation of health promotion hospitals in West Java by using Laswell's communication model. This research employed a descriptive method with qualitative data obtained from in-depth interviews. The research suggests two points. First, health promotion communicators, namely health workers, must have the competence to establish effective communication. Thus, the message is delivered to the right recipients of education. Second, the hospital determines and designs the message contents by considering the information needed by patients. Moreover, the hospital selects the materials based on external parties' requests. Third, the media primarily used in health promotion are bulletin, leaflets, posters, face-to-face socialization, x banner, medical records, banners, brochures, audios, videos, running texts, radios, local newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, and websites. Fourth, hospitals segment the target audience to adjust the message packaging and content. Fifth, monitoring and evaluation are performed to determine compliance levels of health workers in running health promotion hospitals, the targeted behavior change after implementing health promotion hospitals, and proper use of communication media. The focus of this research is to examine the implementation of health promotion in West Java. And the future plan in this research is to examine the health promotion of private hospitals in West Java so that the implementation model of hospital health promotion in Java will be obtained. West




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