The Authentic personality of male and female teachers


  • Iman Muhammad Atafah a. Dr. Abdel Bari Mayeh




 In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers adopted the authentic personality scale.  The researchers adopted the scale (Al-Ghalabi, 2022) to measure the authentic personality, which consists of (41) items in its primary form, distributed over (4) domains, with (8) items for the first domain, self-awareness, and (11) items for the second domain, unbiased treatment, and  (13) a paragraph for the third domain, self-consistent behavior, (9) a paragraph for the fourth domain, orientation towards interpersonal relationships.  The research was conducted on a sample of (400) male and female teachers from Dhi Qar Governorate, Shatrah Education Department, distributed according to gender (207) males (52%) and (193) females (48%). The sample (400) was chosen.  A teacher and a teacher using the simple stratified random method, then the items of the scale were analyzed logically and statistically to calculate their discriminatory power, and their validity coefficients.  For the purpose of ascertaining the research procedures and its results, the researchers used the following statistical methods: the t-test for one sample _ the t-test for two independent samples _ Pearson's correlation coefficient _ and the test of significance for the independent correlation coefficients




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