Cyber Security in the Algerian National Defense System


  • Dr. Lehelli Abdelkader


cyber warfare, cyber espionage, cyber terrorism, information security, cybercrime, cyber security.


Algeria has recorded rising numbers in the field of cybercrime, especially with its orientation towards e-government, in addition to the unstable security situation in the region In general, and in Algeria's neighboring countries, and therefore national defense policies are no longer limited to Combating terrorism and protecting the sovereignty and stability of the homeland through accreditation on traditional methods only, but went beyond them to include the issue of Protecting the security of the state and society from new threats that Produced by the modern technological revolution, which requires achieving security Cyber as one of the priorities of Algerian defense policy. Where baptized Algerian security system to develop a comprehensive security strategy In order to ensure cyber security, which is considered within the security The comprehensive national of the country.




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