Research and Studies on Tiaret


  • Tasskkourth Yamina, Benallal Nacera



Tiaret, Tihert, historical, archaeological, Tiaret city, research, artifacts.


The city of Tiaret, or Tihert, is considered one of the historical cities that had a distinguished presence, which made it possess a significant historical past alongside its important geographical location. It was also the first capital of Central Morocco, where thought flourished and civilization experienced comprehensive urban development. Many of its men excelled in thought, politics, and culture. However, the lack of archaeological research has led to the region being forgotten and marginalized. All existing studies were conducted during the colonial period. Therefore, it is necessary to reevaluate the available data and give due consideration to this historical and archaeological area. From this perspective, it is imperative to introduce Tiaret city historically and geographically, highlighting its most important archaeological landmarks. Hence, we relied on the historical method to deduce and gather historical and geographical data about the region, and the descriptive approach to identify and describe the city's most significant archaeological features. The region has suffered neglect in terms of archaeological and historical research, despite its tangible artifacts that indicate a diverse and rich civilization.




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Tasskkourth Yamina, Benallal Nacera. (2024). Research and Studies on Tiaret. RES MILITARIS, 14(2), 54–77.