The Effect of The Cube Strategy on Solving Physical Problems Among Students of The Department of Mathematics


  • Mohammed Mahdi Sikee


           The goal of current research to investigate the effect of the Cube Strategy in solving physics problems among students of the Department of Mathematics and achieve the goal of research chose researcher sample of the first phase students in Mathematics Faculty of Education, University of Misan section of (113) students were divided between the first two divisions Division (a) by (55) students and the second Division (b) by (58) students and the appointment of indiscriminate represented Division (b) of the experimental group and the Division of (a) the control group and then subjected researcher two sets of search experimental and control procedures parity with some variables (chronological age, previous information material physics).and to complete the requirements of research identified the researcher scientific material and prepared lesson plans and set up the achievement test consisting of (20) paragraph covers the first three levels of Bloom's Taxonomy (remember, understand, application) to choose the type of multi-numbered (12) items and ( 8) paragraphs essay specific answer has been applied on a prospective sample of (80) students from non-research sample, and then finding the truth through his presentation to a group of arbitrators in the field of education and methods of teaching mathematics was testing the stability of (0.89), a high volatility as well to find a difficulty and discrimination paragraphs, after the end of the experiment was the test on the two sets of search application has been corrected and unloading data and processed statistically program bag Statistical social Sciences (spss).




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