Incitement to violence on social media in Iraq, Facebook publications as a model for the period (from 1/4 to 1/6/2022)


  • Rawaa Saud Salman
  • Siham Hassan Al-Shugairi


The role of social media has increased during the past decade in a way that has become a threat to society and its security because of its bad uses and the possibilities that harm society in order to serve certain parties or programs, especially with regard to spreading violence and hate speech. Facebook is one of the most widespread websites in Iraq in terms of discussion, exchange of ideas and putting forward positions, which makes verbal violence, hate speech and incitement clear in its contents, and affects society negatively, which increases the state of tension, congestion and psychological charging that leads to many cases of physical violence, as well as the decline in the state of acceptance of the other and an attempt to understand him . This phenomenon and its seriousness motivated the researcher in addressing this study to examine the problem of the absence of censorship of Facebook's discourse in Iraq by tracking the forms of incitement to violence on Facebook and how it reflects on society and who are the supervisory authorities that are supposed to bear the responsibility for monitoring. The researcher relied on the appropriate survey method for descriptive research, through the questionnaire tool to get to know the opinion of the public of the city of Baghdad from the users of social media, as well as the scientific observation and interview to lead to conclusions that,

Verbal violence, especially speech violence, was the most severe in incitement through Facebook publications, as it ranked first in the classification of categories, and this is due to the fact that physical violence is a natural product of verbal violence.

Likewise, censorship on Facebook is very weak, which was revealed by the results of the respondents' answers.




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