Res Militaris

ISSN : 2265-6294

Volume 12 Number 5, 2022


Thandi Ngxongo
Challenges Faced by Women in Leadership Positions in Emerging Economies: A Case of The Petroleum Industry

Hendra Achmadi
Antecedent Intention to Use Mobile Payment at Pasar Rakyat Micro Enterprises in Jakarta During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Clustering the Characteristic Respondent using K-Means

Jarungjung Hutagaol
Customer Loyalty of Social Media Shop: How the Role of E-Service Quality, Brand Awareness, Trust, Word of Mouth and Satisfaction?

Widodo Sunaryo
The Role of Situational Leadership, Knowledge Management and Self-Efficacy on Innovation

Imam Santosa
Characteristics and Functions of Balanced Reciprocity: Towards Farmer Independence

Nalinikanta Parhi
Fakirmohan Senapati on the World Literary Map: A Study of Criticism

Soldiers in the Indonesian Government: The Indonesian National Army (TNI) in Collaboration Citarum Harum Program

Torsangrasmee Teetakaew
7 Inspirations: Making Short Films Based on True Stories of Persons with Disabilities for Inspiration.

Mohammad Ismail
Develeoping the Model on Factors Influencing Intention and Actual Use of Mobile Marketing Services In Malaysia

Voon Meng Seap
Modeling Customer Satisfaction towards Private Hospitals during Covid-19 Pandemic in Klang Valley, Malaysia

Marcia Yolanda Soares das Neves
Perceived Usefulness, Perceived Ease of Use, And Perceived Risk’s Effects on Intention to Use of Digital Wallet in Dili, Timor Leste

Zahra Berlianda Harva
The Impact of Brand Image and Perceived Price of Men’s Skincare Purchase Decision

Ho Viet Hanh
Policy of Development Food Processing Industry in Vietnam

Professor Emmanuel Mutambara
The Role of Leadership in Change Management within the Fmcg Industry

Professor Emmanuel Mutambara
Continuing teacher development challenges- a case of Mpumalanga province, South Africa

Lydia Karnadi
The Adoption of Digital Marketing for Medical Nutrition Products in Vietnam: a case of Medical Doctor

Khoong Tai Wai
Personal Financial Literacy: An Analysis among Tertiary Education Students

He Dan
Fake News on Social Media during the Covid-19: The Impact on Public Relations in China

Zilola Khudaybergenova
The problem of human in the philosophical judgments of the Turkish thinker Celaleddin Rumi

Tjong Budisantoso
Generational Differences between Gen X and Y in Work Experience, Work Value, Work Outcome, and Cultural Dimension in Southeast Asia

Sulzakimin Mohamed
Beneficiaries Perception on the Effectiveness of Reconstruction Strategies

Phuah Kit Teng
Entomotourism Potential In Malaysia: Youth’s Perspective

Lydia Karnadi
Factor affecting consumer’s online shopping for medical nutrition in Sri Lanka

Li Ruolan
A Quantitative Study of the Influences on Classroom Management of Colleges in China

Richard Sutejo
Motivations and Influences for Healthy Food Dining: a comparative study of Switzerland and Indonesia.

Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan
Relationship between Knowledge Level and Online Consumer Purchasing Attitude during Covid-19 Endemic Phase

Khairunesa Isa
The Correlation of Organizational Factors and University Lecturers’ Happiness

Nurliyana Md Rosni
The Readiness of using Mobile-Learning for Malaysian University Students When Facing the COVID-19 Pandemic

Khoong Tai Wai
Tax Evasion Issues: Ethical Rationalization Consideration In Malaysians

Noraishah Mustapa
Earthwork Volume Calculation Using Cods Software

Dr. Ohud Ali Alzahrani
Global Consequences of COVID-19 on Human Rights International Law Study

Yuventius Sugiarno
Industry 4.0 Technology to Improve the Performance of the Cyber Media Industry in Indonesia

Suryoto Suryoto
The Role of Subjective Well-Being (SWB), Knowledge Management (KM) and Trust in Employer (TIE) on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) of Public Sector Governance Employee in Industrial Revolution Era

The Role of Digital Leadership, Knowledge Sharing, Leader Member Exchange (LMX) on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) and Vocational school Performance

Budi Utomo
Evaluation of the Quality of Online Learning during the Covid-19 post Pandemic: An Empirical Study at Indonesian University

Riswin Lubis
Entrepreneurial Leadership, Financial Governance, and Creative Industry in the City Of Bandung Indonesia

Lik Gayantini Ari
Socioculture Analysis of People's Market Competitiveness in West Java

Sunda Ariana
Betterment of Educational Quality via Optimizing the Potential of Educational Institutions in Indonesia

Hegemony of Power through Literature Discourse: The Case of Textbooks as a Learning Source in Indonesia

Windry Setyaning Warsito
Systematic Mapping Study (SMS): Psychological Contract, Financial Incentive, Employee Empowerment, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Employee Engagement

Muhammad Arifin Soedjayana
Effectiveness of Organizational Performance on Social Assistance

Yarmukhammat Kh. Madaliyev
Precedent Name in Turkic Humorous Discourse (on the example of the images of Aldar Kose, Effendi and Kozhanasyr)

Ririn Widyaningsih
Evaluation Of Internal Policy Effectiveness Regarding Single Tutorial Aid (Ukt) During The Covid-19 Pandemic Period In Higher Education

Elmira Gerfanova
Analyzing the Cultural Elements in EFL Textbooks: Categories and Ways of Representation

Edith Georgina Surdez Pérez
Competitiveness of Small Companies in the Post-COVID-19 Stage

Melinda Magno-Chua
Kabataan, Gaano Ka Katatag? Migration and Resilience of the Left behind

Rakesh Chandmal Sharma
Vibration And Ride Comfort Analysis of Four-Wheel Vehicle System Using Lagrangian Dynamics

Dr.Omar (Mohammad Ali) Alqudah
Building Trust through Different Mean - Company Vs User-Generated Information

Rakesh Chandmal Sharma
Vibration And Ride Comfort Analysis of Railway Vehicle System Subjected to Deterministic Inputs

F Febrianty
Strategic Planning Of Information Systems and Implementation of Marketplace Integrated Business Startup (Ibs) Systems in South Sumatra

Srihari Palli
Thermal Analysis of Emergency Container in Steel Industries Using FEA

Nermeen Singer
The Uses of Information Technologies in the Educational Process of Higher Educational Institutions

Improving the Quality of Human Resources through Training and Work Experience on Service Quality

Kuldeep Panwar
Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Flue Gases Using CFD in Thermal Regenerator

Dr. Kuldeep Panwar
Different Approaches of Robotic Spraying Drones for Agricultural Activities

Atthaphong Phiwhlaung
The Development of Analytical Reading Skills and Problem-Solving Skills of First-Year Students on Problem Based Learning (Pbl)

Hua Jing
The Development and Characteristic of Er Ren Tai Performance In Hequ, China

Shabnam Ara
High Gain Inset Fed Rectangular Patch Antenna Design for Sub6 Ghz Application

Sneha Das
Mechanisms and Modelling of Moisture Transport in Concrete: A Review

Chitsanupong Intarakaew
Thai Protest Songs After the May 22, 2014 Coup

Rohit Kumar Shakya
Implementation of Hydroponics System in Agriculture to Improve the Productivity Ademi
Intelligence Service in The Prevention of Organized Crime in Kosovo

Kuldeep Panwar
Industrial Approach Towards the Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) Machines For Improving Production

Nur Achmad Husin
Evaluation Of Inelastic Behavior and Performance Level of Existing Structure 31 Stories in Surabaya Using Non-Linear Time History Analysis

Sneha Das
Exploring the Different Approaches Made for Achieving the Zero Flight Emissions and their Benefit to the Environment

Putri Yeni Aisyah
Design and Construction a Temperature and Humidity Control System for Soybean Fermentation Process Based on Internet of Things for Optimizing Tempe Production Time

The Role of Cultural Values in The Transformation of Rice Business Strategy Management Among Bugis Entrepreneurs

Dr. Ashutosh Bhatt
Role of Big data Analysis and its Challenges

Ajay Verma
Different Approaches of Ultra-High temperature Ceramics Material in Various Industrial Production

Equilibrium Sedimentation in Sandy Gravel River Bend by Crib Placement Alternate

Bambang Sampurno
Overall Equiqpment Effectiveness Analysis to Improve Machine Effective Value for Maxibrick Machine or Interlock Brick Molding Machine

Ashish Kumar Gupta
Analysis of the Industrial Impact by the Application of Humanoid Robots in the Various Fields

Hamidah Ab Rahman
Validity And Reliability for Cashless Transactions Behaviour Element Instrument

Dr. Kuldeep Panwar
Elaborating The Importance of Manual Groundnut Shelling Machines in the Life of Farmer

Ruslan Renggong
Factors That Cause Violence in Children in Makassar City, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Hemendra Tripathi
Induced Field and Thermal Change in Tissues Due to Vertically Earthed Dipole Antenna

Sono Bhardawaj
Analysis of Emission Characteristics of Single Cylinder 4 Stroke DI Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel Blends with Diesel

Tanaphol Srisud
Management Guidelines to Support Elderly Workers Entering the Industrial Sector

Dr. Okpechi, Philip A
Guidance And Counseling Artisanal Fisher Folks on The Dangers of Chemical Fishing at Nsidung Beach Henshaw Town, Calabar South, Cross River State, Nigeria

Shivasheesh Kaushik
A Comprehensive Study on the Utilization of the Energy Using Mobile Solutions

Surmadhur pant
A Comparative Evaluation of Supervised Learning and Unsupervised Learning

Dwi Rianto Jatmiko
Revitalization of Social Welfare Integrated Data Arrangements (Swid) To Treatment of Poor Elderly

Meisam Nabiri
A New Approach in Psychology: Truthism

Shivasheesh Kaushik
Investigating the Thermionic Effect of Broken Perforated Curved Ribs on Solar Preheater Through Cfd Simulation

Chularat Chaiyapet
Risk Factors of Severity of Road Accident Injury Incidence At Kut Bak district Sakon Nakhon Province, Thailand

Shivasheesh Kaushik
Comparative Thermal Analysis and Characteristic Optimization of Cram Bed Regenerator for Space Warmth Applications in Mountainous Areas

Qing Zhang
The Steps and Factors in Decision-Making Process of Chinese Mountain Hikers to choose Destination

Kuldeep Panwar
Parametric Optimization of Fly Ash Building Bricks Material Composition for Compressive-Tensile Strength Using Taguchi Method

Sefi Novendra Patrialova
A Simple Wireless System for Monitoring PAR and Remotely Control Intensity in Smart Farming

Khirjan Nahdi
Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Model Receiving, Attending and Assigning Meaning (RAAM) through Listening Test Component (TC) in Elementary Student: Literature Review

Dr. Amit Anand
Forcible Protection of Nationals Abroad - A Troubling Legacy Under International Law

Rwamba Pauline
Promotion Strategies and Performance of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Firms in Kenya

Vu Thi Phuong Lien
Research on Factors Affecting the Application of Artificial Intelligence in The Audit: Evidence from Vietnamese Auditing Firms

Sindhuja Manisha Kamini
Menstruation and Attitudes: An Understanding of Psychosocial Attributes among Adolescents

Efficient Realization of Fast Fourier Transform based on Distributed Arithmetic

Yessimsiitova Z.B
Effective Use of Medicinal Plants in Fatty Liver Dystrophy

Akanksha Yadav
Chatbot-Based Medical Diagnosis Using Natural Language Processing and Classifier

Kanayeva Akmara
Issues and Challenges of Teaching Specialized French In the Universities of Kazakhstan

Nidhi Chauhan
Analysis of Low-Cost Plastic Bottle Resting Room

Ms. Tintumol P. Joseph
Factors Determining Employee Engagement during the Covid Pandemic and Its Impact on Employee Performance

Tarun Preet Kaur
A Study of Voiceless Women Characters in the Novels of Kavita Kane

Mr. Arun Prem
Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Micro Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises in Alappuzha District, Kerala

Women And Nature in Kalidasa’s ‘Abhijnana Shakuntalam.’

Aldash Aimankul
Synergetics of lexical innovations self-organization in the mental lexicon: interdisciplinary modeling

Argitha Aricindy
Developing Multicultural Education Models in Multi-Ethnic Schools through Social Studies Learning

Yuni Suprapto
"Maiyah Juguran Syafaat: Implementation of Emha Ainun Najib's Religious Thought in Sinau Bareng Activities Based on Multiculturalism and Diversity”

Effective Tamil Handwritten Character Recognition Using Deep Learning Technique

Pujo Widodo
The Balance Between Civil and Military Authorities in Indonesia

Herlina Juni Risma Saragih
Partnership As The Key To Successful Stakeholder Collaboration In Strengthening Coastal Community Resilience

Pujo Widodo
Urban Warfare in The Arab Spring from The Perspective of Strategy and Law of War

Sebrina Mahardika
Maritime Transportation System in Indonesia

Fauzi Bahar
The Evaluation of Disaster Resilient Village Program to Support National Security (Case Study: Tanjung Benoa Village, Badung District, Bali Province)

Ms. Sheena Gupta
An Analytical study of the Affordable Luxury Apparel Market in India – Impact of Demographic Factors on Buying Behaviour

Adi Subiyanto
Hydrometeorological Disaster Risk Reduction and the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (Case Study: 2020 Jakarta Flood)

Pokawin Jeerasak
Factors Affecting the Application of Agricultural Machinery for Harvesting Agricultural Products

Mr. Sarojkant Singh
Human Factors Affecting Project Strategy in Large Scale Complex Projects

Ramadan Salem Ramadan Skkat
Solar Power Generation System Model Integrated With Network Connected Battery Electricity

Kian Aun Law
Systematic Review of Customer Satisfaction in Perceived Justice: In the Context of Yangtze River Delta Real Estate Enterprise Customers

Syazwan Syah bin Zulkifly
Role of Safety Leadership in Fostering Safety Behaviour in Malaysia's Small and Medium Manufacturers: Determining the effect of safety knowledge and attitudes

Mg. Julissa Elizabeth Reyna González
Virtual Companion: Expert System to Improve Post-Pandemic Emotional Stability in Students, Peru

Christian F. Gonzales
Filling In the Loopholes: An Assessment of The Philippine Safe Spaces Act

Nusra Mehtab
Anxiety, Trauma and Gender Equality During the Pandemic: A Saudi Arabian perspective

Wendy Shihlamariso Chauke
The school “sorting paradigm” as a counter culture to “talent development” for improvement of school performance

Johanes Fernandes Andry
Disaster Recovery Design at Higher Education InstitutionUsing ISO 27031 Method

Agung Wahyudi Biantoro
Development of Floating and Utilization of Flood Early Warning Equipment in Bening Widas Dam, Madiun, East Java

Muhamad Fitri
Full Factorial and Taguchi Design for the Impact Strength of Oil Palm Fiber Reinforced Composite: A Comparative Study

Fadth Rizky Damanik
Design Optimization of Composite Resin Pelton Turbine Bucket Using Solidworks

Sarawut Boonsuk
The impact of delivery mode on MTCT of hepatitis B virus after Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate implementation in Thailand

International Law Approaches and the Role of Regional Communities in Dealing with Regional Impacts and Conflict Resolution in Myanmar

Udipta Borah
Social Media and Political Campaign: Study of the Role of Social Media in the Voting Behaviour in Assam

Wafaa Jassem Jaber
The objections of Al-Madani Al-Shirazi (Ibn Masoum) and his responses to the scholars in his book (Modhir Al-Rashad in Sharh Al-Irshad)

Wafaa Jassem Jaber
Measurement in the printed explanations of the book Irshad Al- Hadi in Grammar by Al- Taftazani (d. 791 AH (

Nasreen Abdel Hassan Hilal
Grammatical differences in Al-Muradi (d. 749 AH)

Mr Naseem Ahmed
The Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 & its Current Implementation Status

From The Literary to The Performative 🙁 Re) Visiting Adigal’s Silappadikaram

Mr. Bala Ganesh Pichamuthu
Understanding Social Dimensions on the Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitude toward Hemoglobinopathies and Premarital Screening among People in India

Noha Abdullah Alowedi
The Language of Dark and Bright: A Corpus Linguistic Analysis of the Concept of Death and Life in the Translated Autobiography “Dying to Be Me”

S. Muthulakshmi
“Compulsive use of social networking sites and mental health: Signs and symptoms and stress management techniques”

Prarthana Baruah
Effect of Integrating Inductive Method of Teaching with Advanced Organizer Model in the Achievement of Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics of Class-Viii Students

Mr. Hemant Singh
Triple Talaq: The Practice In Conflict With Indian Constituional Mandates Analysed Through Judicial Lens

Dr.Sanju Choudhary
Negotiation with Nature and Transcending the Binaries: A Study of Margaret Atwood’s Poetry

Dr. Khaled Arab
Psychometric characteristics of the WHO quality of life scale on a sample of people with disabilities in the Arab environment

Shruti Sharma MSC
Path to poor gut health of malnourished tribal children between 7 months and 5 years in Nomadic tribes of Sikar District of Rajasthan: A mixed-method research

Dr. G A Solanki
Long Arm of Law Reaches in Cyberspace: Protecting Right to Privacy in Digital Era

Sidra Ali
Antecedents of Procrastination in Children: A Qualitative Analysis by Interpretive Phenomenological Approach

Achmad Djatmiko
Correlating Drugs Securitization with the Aspects of International Cooperation in Indonesian Drugs Issues

Essa J. H. Al-Harbi
Likert Scale Labelling and Variation in Response: A study comparing three-response labels

Khalid Ibrahem Qtoof
The availability and satisfaction of assistive services for visually impaired students and their families from the point of view of teachers and parents

Ashvini Sundararaju
A Research Project Examining Small Businesses Owned By Women In Coimbatore And Their Practice Of Self-Funding.

Ravindra Baghel
A Study On Customer Perception Towards Internet Banking (With Reference to Raipur and Durg District)

Luv Shivam Fozdar
Relevance of Copyright Societies in the Digital Age

N. Sharat Singh
Factors Influencing Women Reproductive Span in International Border State Manipur

Tarun Kumar Kaushik
Misleading Advertisement and Law in India

Prapti Chopra
Evaluation of the Impact of Inflation on the Consumption Expenditure of Households

Soni Kumari Lodhi
“Impact Of SelFf HeLlp Group On Socio Economic Development Of Women In Patan Block Of Durg District”

Afreen Faiza
Connecting the Dots: Uncovering the Link between Social Anxiety and Eating Disorders among University Students

P. Muthuraman
Constructive Analysis on Aluminium - Nano Iron Composite during Cold Upsetting

Corresponding Author: Dr. Sagarika Dash
Women’s Inclusion And Empowerment Through Capacity Building And Social Mobilization: A Case Study Of Uttarakhand Gramya-Ii Project

Dr. Nikhil Manoharrao Deshmukh
Geographical Analysis of Rice Crop with the Help of Competition Index in Chandrapur District

Amina Mohsin Ali
An Emperical Analysis of the Preferences of Consumers towards the Purchase Decision of High End Bikes in the Geographical Region of Nagpur

Dr. Manjinder Kaur
The Determinants of Indian Rupee Exchange Rate Volatility: An Empirical Evidence

Dr. Anita Awasthi
Nutritional and Health Status of Preschool Children

Dr. Anita Awasth
Revised Nutrition And Feeding Norms For Supplementary Nutrition In ICDS Scheme

Jennelyn B. Elizaga-Pagalilauan
Improving Lupong Tagapamayapa Efficacy: Understanding Participant Challenges and Developing a Comprehensive Training Program

Mr. Chintamani Panda
A Study on Equity-Based Mutual Fund Scheme Performance in the Indian Environment

Dr. Umesh Gupta
An Evaluation on CG Investor's Perception Towards Mutual Fund Decision in Chhattisgarh

Shikha Soni
A Swoc Analysis of Digital Practices in Micro Enterprises with Special Reference to Jhansi District

Dr. Priyank Mishra
Adoption and Effect of Modern Payment System Development in India: A Study of Retail Digital Payment in Bilaspur Division of Chhattisgarh

Ms. Bhavna Singh
Right to Information and Its Relation with Information & Record Management

Pooja Saxena
Role of Banks in Agriculture & Rural Development

Ms. Neha Bhagat
A Study On Consumer Perception Towards Green Marketing Communication With Special Reference To Pepsico India

Dr Shveta Sharma
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Widows of Rajouri District in Jammu and Kashmir: A Struggle for Survival

Ravindra Kumari
Effects on Community and Local Ecosystem: A Study in the Context of Expansion of Gaggal Airport in Kangra District Of Himachal Pradesh

Nivesh Sharma
Perspective of Youth towards Entrepreneurship in Himachal Pradesh

Gaby Khoury
Analyzing the impact of tourism education on the effective resource valorization in Lebanon

Ajmol Hussain Laskar
Black Feminism as a Structure of Dual Resistance in Maya Angelou's Select Poem

Peketi Sai Sasidhar Reddy
A Study on Factors Affecting Delays Due To Miscommunications among Stakeholders in Construction Projects

Ms. Priyanka Mundel
Participation of women in the Indian independence movement

Antalin Shalu T B
Narrating Trauma: Memory and Identity in Farah Ahmedi The Other Side of the Sky

Dr. Nikhilesh Dhar
Rethinking Species Hierarchy: A Study of Jack London's White Fang (1906) from Zoocritical Perspective

Dr Hena Singh
Humanities’ Approach in Understanding and Reducing Stigmatisation of Vaccine Hesitancy in the Post Pandemic Era among the Schedule Caste Community in India

Wazi Uddin Choudhury
An Analysis Of Political Leadership And The Future Trends Of It

Wazi Uddin Choudhury
NGOs in Practice: An Analysis of Some Important Aspects

Dr.Kavithamma P
The Potency of Advertisements in Creating Awareness of Using Menstrual Cups

Banwari Lal
Emerging Role of Recruitment Process Outsourcing in MNCs

Vivek Naithani
Ethics in Human Resource Management: A Conceptual and Theoretical Analysis

Ngaopunii Trichao Thomas VedaYumnam Sudhir K. Maske
Transgender Identity in India: Spatial Shifts Post-2019 Act