Controls Of the Marriage Contract in The Personal Status Law in Sharia


  • Anoud Madloul Sobhan Saeed
  • Abbas Neamah Mohsin
  • Ammar yasir Hassoon


controls, pillars, conditions of the meeting, conditions of health, rules


Praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be upon our master Muhammad, the God of the Immaculate, and on those who followed his guidance until the Day of Judgment. As for the aftermath,The Personal Status Law is a section of jurisprudence that is subject to the provisions of Islamic legislation in the statement of the validity or invalidity of the marriage contract, and the Iraqi legislator has taken the abbreviation path in regulating the topics that fall within the scope of the Personal Status Law. He has limited himself to mentioning the most prominent provisions of those topics without going into their details, except in a few matters, and thus he has left a very wide space for the principles of Islamic law and Islamic jurisprudence in their provisions.The importance of research lies in the statement of what these rules and controls on matters related to the marriage contract enjoy from the Personal Status Law to the most relevant legal texts. Devising the controls of Islamic legislation for what is stated in the texts of the legal articles for personal status. The researcher relied on the methodology of induction and analysis to present and indicate the controls of the application of the Personal Status Law, and in light of this, the research has been divided into two sections and a conclusion to the most important results.