Traditional Sport Barapan Kebo (Buffalo Race) As A Recreational Sport for The People of Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara


  • Yadi Imansyah
  • Soegiyanto KS
  • Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi
  • Agus Kristiyanto


The traditional sport of Barapan Kebo is a cultural heritage which has become the identity of the Sumbawa people and has developed in accordance with the environmental customs and character of the community and has become a sustainable event in Sumbawa Regency. The purpose of this study is to examine the function of organizing barapan kebo as a community recreational sport in Sumbawa Regency. The research method uses a qualitative descriptive analysis approach. Data collection techniques using observation techniques, interviews and documentation. Data analysis uses an interactive model, which is carried out in the form of a cycle, through four components of analysis, including data collection, data reduction, data presentation and withdrawal conclusion or verification. The results of the study show that the function of barapan kebo as a recreational sport is used as a space to express hobbies in spare time, as an entertainment show to relieve fatigue, fatigue and stress from daily activities, and as a tourism attraction that can be enjoyed from several aspects; a) the uniqueness of the karapan track from muddy rice fields,accessories and the equipment the jockeys and buffalo use as decoration, the passion of the exuberant spirit that showed the perpetrators of barapan kebo and b) the beauty of the location or venue eventsbarapan kebo which is surrounded by expanses of rice fields, mountains, hills with trees green become a special attraction for tourists so that it is attractive to be a tourism attraction.