Geopolitical Policy Of Cross-Border Post As An Effort To Improve Society Welfare On Border Of Indonesia


  • Martoyo
  • Hermansyah
  • Elyta
  • Yulius Yohanes
  • Laras Putri Olifiani
  • Idil Akbar


Since 2008, the political geography policy of the Sintang Regency Government has been given through a proposal to the Central Government to improve the status of the road from Sintang Regency to Sungai Kelik to support the national strategic project for developing the National Cross Border Post. This article aims to analyze the geopolitical policy of the Cross Border Post to improve the interest of the people in the Sintang Regency. The method is used by information and data collected through various literature and other references that are carried out in-depth. From the results of this study, it was found that there is potential in border areas, including rubber and oil palm plantations, and no less important is the yield of pepper plantations that can be produced in abundance. The construction of a Cross-Border Post on Sungai Kelik accompanied by well-managed road access from Sintang to the border will potentially improve people's welfare.