Strengthening Higher Education Connectivity Patterns with MBKM-Based Industries: A Case Study of the Implementation of the Schooling Field Introduction Program (PLP) for Students Majoring in Non Formal Education at Think Indonesia


  • Rofik Jalal Rosyanafi
  • Wiwin Yulianingsih
  • Heryanto Susilo
  • Sabar Budi Raharjo
  • Ika Mustika


Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA) as one of the State Universities (PTN) which this year won the National 1st Place in the Public Service Agency (BLU) National PTN League with the implementation of MBKM as one of the main assessment contributors trying to strengthen the partnership that has been established with industry, including through the Schooling Field Introduction Program (PLP). Non Formal Education (PLS) as one of the study programs or majors at UNESA has sent its students in the program, through several industry partners, including Think Indonesia. This study aims to determine the model of strengthening the connectivity of tertiary institutions and industry through the PLP Program as one of the leading forms of Lecture Activities (BKP) from MBKM at UNESA. A qualitative research method with a case study design is used to achieve this goal with stages or activity plans including; formulate problems, create designs and instruments, collect data, make data analysis, and prepare research reports. The subjects and objects of this research are all parties directly involved in the PLP Program which includes the Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chair of the MBKM Unit, PLP Program Advisors, Students majoring in Non Formal Education (PLS) and the Director of Think Indonesia as an industrial partner whose address is at Jambangan Kebon Agung Street No. 15, Jambangan, Jambangan District, Surabaya City, East Java. The parties who then acted as informants were selected using a purposive sampling method, taking into account their role and contribution in strengthening the implementation of cooperation with industry in the form of BKP MBKM Internships or work practices packaged through the PLP Program. The results of this study are to describe the implementation of the Schooling Field Introduction Program (PLP) for students majoring in Non Formal Education at Think Indonesia and its relation to the pattern of strengthening connectivity.