Translation of Different Styles in Children’s Literature from English into Albanian: a Comparative Approach


  • Aida Alla
  • AAB College, Kosovo


The present study aims to identify and analyse the linguistic features of different functional styles representing different micro-texts (discourses) traced in the Albanian translation of the first two Harry Potter books, namely J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone (1997) and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999), translated into Albanian by Amik Kasoruho. More specifically, three micro-texts were selected from the corpus: 1) a formal letter written by official authorities, which represents a pragmatic text, 2) a “supposed” formal letter with sarcastic and mocking intention, and 3) a poem. In light of the differences between the structure of the languages, this paper puts the emphasis on the ways in which these micro-texts have been rendered from the source text into the Albanian target language. By doing so, I will make an attempt to showcase that children’s literature translation (Ch.L.T) does have some intricacies that  the translator should not underestimate. The findings show that the source text under study does intermingle different linguistic and stylistic features to mark the representation of different contextual situations within the book. From the translation perspective, it is proved that the translator resorted to different translation strategies to feature these peculiarities in the target language with the aim of preserving these distinctive representative elements in the target language as well.