Post Pandemic International and Indonesian Law Analysis on Climate Change Impact to Health Adaptation Policy


  • Maskun
  • Achmad
  • Naswar
  • Nurul Habaib Al Mukarramah
  • Siti Nurhaliza Bachril
  • Valeria Erika Sari Paliling
  • Hasbi Assidiq


The impact on climate change to health is significantly shown through triggering vectors for the emerging diseases and zoonoses which are potentially becoming pandemic, thus limiting the fulfilment of the right to health. Therefore, the global community proliferates international legal instruments to ensure that states including Indonesia shall create climate change and health adaptation strategies, especially during the post-pandemic phase. This research attempts to address two questions; How does the international law regulate climate change and health? How does Indonesia comply with international law through climate change and health adaptation policy? This research utilises normative legal analysis conducted through reviewing international and national legal instruments concerning climate change and health through a statutory approach. This research shows that international legal instruments have mandated countries to urgently strategize climate change and health policy upon the rationale of scientific evidence proving the impact on climate change to health, and Indonesia have complied to such international law mandate through generating policies focusing on climate change and health adaptation which have significant contribution on post-pandemic era.