Fecundity study of a white terrestrial snails Monacha obstructa (Pfeiffer, 1842), (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) in AL-Kamalia farms in the holy city of Karbala


  • Maedah Ayyed Khalaf
  • Israa Naser Ghulam


The research includes measuring the fecundity of the Monacha obstructa on the basis of the length of the shell of the mother snail and the number of eggs that it lays in one reproductive season, The study also included the standard lengths of a group of 30 snails in the study, which included measuring each of (shell length, shell width, length / width , Aperture height, Aperture width, Aperture height / Aperture width ) also included the shapes and sizes of eggs of M. obstructa snails from inside their incubators.