Banking Loans: As A Model of Banking Services


  • Hamzah Abed Assi Al-ward
  • Rihab Bedoui Ben Salem


Bank loans are considered one of the most important services provided by banks as it constitutes the largest percentage of assets, the return generation of loans for banks is the largest revenue obtained by the loan donor banks, for this reason, banks must be careful to a high degree when gave them, and this is done by placing a court mechanism that guarantees the rights and safety of the loan from loss.

Banking services is one of the most important activities of the economy in developed countries, and the increase in demand for it is a guide to the country's economic progress, the more these banking services are available, the more luxury of society, so we see that banking activity is affected by economic developments. The banking system witnessed a great development in recent times by following the policy of bringing the service to the customer and introducing various channels to communicate in providing these services and introducing electronic technology in order to achieve the bank’s goals in order to serve the customer, foremost of which is bank loans.