The Propagandizing Methods Directed to The Arab World in Al-Alam News Website: An Analytical Study of News Reports for The Period From 10/1 To 11/1/2022


  • Zahra Hussein Jabbar Al-Haddad


The purpose of the study is to reveal the themes covered on the Al-Alam News website as well as the propagandizing strategies utilized in its material aimed towards the Arab world. Additionally, it intends to identify the sources of data employed by the global website in disseminating its numerous themes during the study period, as well as to disclose the highlighting aspects that were applied at that time. The researcher employed the analytical survey technique, a widely utilized framework for the procedures involved in data collection. On this basis, the research included an introduction to the categories of content analysis leading to the analysis of the content of the news reports published on the Al-Alam website, as well as its use of scientific observation and the content analysis form to know the propaganda methods directed at the Arab world that were used by the Al-Alam news website during the research period. The researcher reached several results, the most important ones are the following: