The Impact of Electronic Management on the Competitive Advantage of Business Companies, a Field Study on Earthlink Communications Company in Iraq


  • Ahmed Dheyab Ahmed


Through this study, we seek to determine the impact of electronic management on the competitive advantage of business companies. A field study on EarthLink Communications Company in Iraq. In addition, to identify the availability of the dimensions of electronic management and competitive advantages in the researched company, for achieving the objectives of the study, the researcher used descriptive and analytical approaches that try to describe the phenomenon under study. The EarthLink Company was chosen as a field for the study, and the workers in the three departments were studied as categories. The study was limited to a sample of (93) managers working in the researched company to achieve the desired goal. In order to answer the above questions, the hypothetical scheme of the study was put forward, which reflects the nature of the impact relationships between the electronic management variable and its dimensions represented by (networks, human capital, databases) and competitive advantage. Statistical methods for processing the data obtained through the responses of the respondents in the company under study to the questionnaire. The research reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that despite the discrepancy in the impact of the dimensions of electronic management on the competitive advantage, they all have a good effect on the competitive advantage. The study recommends the need to work on developing the networks used in the company, training workers to deal with these networks, and developing databases for beneficiaries.