Impact Of Hearing the Customer Voice and Ability to Make Strategic Changes - Empirical Research at Ministry of The Iraqi Communications


  • Muthana Zahim Faisal
  • Saadoon Muhsin Salman
  • Mahmood Zahim Faisal


customer Is the subject of hearing the voice of the customer from a relatively modern management thought the subjects, as it won the attention of a lot of organizations of different classes of, and because it is important to achieve success and to continue and excel her, so there was a need to study this term and attempt to diagnose impact of hearing or not hear the voice of the events its can that strategic changes this on.

This research aims to assess the availability of the dimensions of strategic changes in the Ministry of Communications, and this effect in strengthening the sound of the customer, and to achieve the goal of the research the researcher distributed a questionnaire to a sample of workers in the upper and middle departments in fact, (69) forms are valid for analysis. The research found that all dimensions of strategic changes were largely available, and that there was a direct moral and positive impact on the customer's voice on the process of strategic change in the Ministry of Communications.