The Influence of Human Talent Management Relationship on the Level of Administrative Creativity in the Public Sector: A Field Study on the Iraqi Industrial Sector; the General Company for Food Products


  • Ziyad Ismail dakhil
  • Sami Budbous


The present study aims to demonstrate the influence of the human talent management relationship on enhancing the level of administrative creativity in the Iraqi public sector, employing the analytical descriptive approach. In order to obtain the objectives of the present study, the questionnaire is implemented as a tool for collecting data and applied on a sample of (400) employees if the General Company for Food Products. The present study has reached several results, the most important of which is the existence of a correlation and influence of human talent management processes at the macro level and at the level of sub-variables in promoting organizational creativity in the researched company. The present study presented several proposals that are consistent with these conclusions, the most important of which is to create an organizational culture on the importance of human talent management processes and the role they play in promoting administrative creativity that leads to success and excellence, and taking care of the talented employees to encourage and motivate them constantly.