Quality of Life and its relationship to body image among female students at college of nursing


  • Rafal M. Hasballah
  • Hassan A. Hussein


The study aimed to assess the body image and quality of life and found out the relationship between the quality of life and body image find-out the relationship between the body Image, quality of life and their socio-demographic among female students in college of nursing. a descriptive- correlational design study was conducted at the university of Baghdad college of nursing carried out through the period from  ( October 2021 to  May 2022).) The study was  conducted on a non- probability (convenient) sample of 110 female students in the College of Nursing. The questioner is consisted of three part: the first part is concerned demographic characteristic and using body image scale, quality of life scale. The finding of the study showed that the highest percentage of the sample located within age group of 18-20 years and they are satisfied with their body image as seen among 88.2%, which reflect their positive perception about their body image. The study indicates that the sample associated with fair quality.