Corona Virus and the Possible Effects of the Pandemic on Profession of Accountancy and Auditing


  • Saad Ahmed Ismael
  • Abdullah Abdulrazzak Mohammed
  • Anwer Abed Shahoobe


The research casts light on challenges that face profession of accountancy, auditing, accountants and auditors while treating with effects of Covid-19 pandemic . Which caused unprecedented disorder on trading businesses . So what the companies have to know when gathering financial data over results of processes of financial center with elements of financial lists for economic units . And during continuation of impacts of pandemic . The healthy , commercial and governmental policies change quickly in response . This create crisis to the companies when the matter is related to arrange the financial statements . How to review , but still it is required to assess effect of the crisis of covid-19 pandemic on their businesses and to think in any risks or suspicions , besides to any other procedure to alleviate may be needed to be included as disclosures to support these situations Such as to turn to reality of international accountancy standards to prepare the financial reports within outbreak of covid-19 . As consideration that the profession of accountancy and auditing is the actual translator for the financial crises . Through enact modernizations , amendments for laws , international standards in accountancy and the financial statements in order to direct firms , institutions generally to the true path , to control for current , future  accountancy processes in the midst of the financial crises which cast their shadow over reality and the future So the global accountancy , auditing companies have dealt in their publications , modernized reports the potential accountancy effects on the financial reports in the time of corona virus – 19 pandemic  . Which in general the companies have to be guided by them through arrangement the financial reports , such as accountancy and auditing companies