Government Readiness, Teacher Understanding, and Student Basic Movement Skills in Supporting National Sports Design


  • Hasmyati
  • Hikmad Hakim
  • Imam Suyudi
  • Muhammad Zulfikar
  • Hezron Alhim Dos Santos
  • Nur Indah Atifah Anwar
  • Alimin Hamzah


Implementing the XX National Sports Event in Papua Province in 2021 shows that the results for the province of South Sulawesi are in 20th place out of 34 provinces. This position indicates that the condition of sports achievement in South Sulawesi Province has decreased compared to the performance at the implementation of the previous National Sports Event. Therefore, the government drafted a National Sports Design (NSD) document. NSD is outlined in the form of Presidential Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 86 of 2021 concerning athlete development through the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) principle, namely training, competition, and recovery programs based on the athlete's biological age and not on chronological age. His primary focus is administration, sports science, and sponsorship which will get a periodization plan with his biological age. And to look for correlational relationships with other variables that can affect students' basic movement skills as a basis for determining LTAD policies by the government in Makassar City. This research uses a quantitative method, using a cross-sectional survey type, an overview of the conditions of the variables to be tested. The techniques used are descriptive and inferential statistics through simple and multiple regression analysis. 67% of respondents have a high understanding of the National Sports Design in Makassar City Government, 11.4% have moderate knowledge, and 22.9% have a low understanding. In the understanding of physical education teachers regarding Long Term Athlete Development in Makassar City, 39.1% of respondents had a high understanding, 30.4% of respondents had a moderate understanding, 21.7% of respondents had a low understanding, and 8.7% of respondents had a very low understanding. In the basic movement skills of elementary school students in Makassar City, as many as 5.83% of students are in the very low category, 28.33% of students are in a low category, 46.67% of students are in the below average category, and 19, 17% of students are in the average category. Physical education teachers' understanding of Long-Term Athlete Development and students' basic movement skills are the same.