The Role of International and Iraqi Efforts to cope with dust storms


  • Abd Ali Mohammed Swadi


The international organization has made a great efforts to create mechanisms and joint frameworks through the formation of many of the bodies and agencies and establish monitoring and verification centers of scientific and technical research on the regional and international centers, as well as the establishment of specialized various environmental affairs conferences. In addition, the United Nations Environment Programme in West Asia, which oversees the "anti-dust storms and dust program" for Iraq and the region as a case of these regional efforts that are trying to counter the effects of dust phenomena in Iraq and the region by identifying the reasons for the aggravation of this phenomenon and to ward off notified and mitigation and to limit the escalation of effectiveness the fact that the dust from the trans-border problems, which requires dealt with in this framework. Accordingly, the declaration of the Secretary-General of the United Nations concerning the escalation of dust storms in Iraq explain that the United Nations in the area of responsibility for the environmental challenges in the world do not stop at the end the work of the bodies concerned, but there is a direct effort to watch and monitor all forms of emerging or emergency developments in the global natural environment in an effort to support and promote international and regional cooperation which is highlighted by asserting and support for the project, creation of green belts in the country and the region to counter the sand and dust storms, and its proposal to create a development fund regional to confront and stop targeted to different areas in Iraq and neighboring countries, as well as mobilizing the energies and possibilities available in order to control the escalation of these phenomena, including the activation of the decisions of the Tehran declaration against dust and desertification and issued by the Ankara Ministerial Conference on the same matter, and the formation of specialized technical committees and associated office connected Tehran Chamber of its operations, all of which serve to strengthen national and regional capacities to combat dust storms and their effects. This shows that international efforts in the face of global environmental challenges, including those related to the search topic requires a statement of the role that the UN plays they constitute orientated and the supervisor of the work of these frameworks, organizations and agencies concerned the global environment, and research on the subject of dust phenomena as well as pose a serious target environmental system in Iraq is look at the nature of the work of those direct emergency efforts on ocean environmental legal and operational level changes for the purpose of knowing the extent of its potential to achieve the objectives of addressing to address those effects or reduce its harm.