Entrepreneurial Digital Activities: Research Insight and Implication Evidences from Entrepreneurs’ Perspectives in Jordan


  • Hussein Albanna
  • Mohammed Issa Ala-eddin


digital entrepreneurial activities have become most crucial for the modern business entrepreneurs due to the growing changes among the business environments. This study aims to address the effects of the different digital entrepreneurial activities (entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurial infrastructure, digital transformation) on the entrepreneurship from the perspective of the entrepreneurs in Jordan. To perform this research and fulfill the research objective, it used a quantitative research method to collect the data from entrepreneurs are running businesses in Jordan. To analysis the data, the study used PLS-SEM approach to conduct the analysis part with a total of 212 participants represent the entrepreneurs in Jordan. The results showed a significant effect of all hypothesized research statements and with a positive perspective of the entrepreneurs in Jordan towards this issue. The research findings also offered some research implications to support new evidence among the relevant literature, and would contribute to cover the existed knowledge research gaps for further insights in this area for better understanding in this topic.