The Role of Legislative Justice in Ensuring the Governance of Legislation


  • Luay Kareem Abd
  • Bushra Hameed Abd


Legislative justice is one of the most important legal goals of the state because legislation is the main tool for achieving economic, political, and social goals that may involve public interests or private interests of individuals. These legislations do not reach their goals except by applying them fairly into reality in a fair manner, which will only be done through good formulation that expresses the content of the ideas and visions that crystallize in the mind of the legislator and transferring them to the realm of physical existence in a clear and accurate way, which should be away from the impurities and defects that impede the fair application of the law and cause legal instability in the state. Therefore, the standards of legislative governance are the legislator’s path towards legislative justice as they are the main justification for the legislator’s dependence on this type of standards as they are the essential pillar in modern legislation through which states seek to improve their legal system, which embodies the mirror that is reflective of the state’s philosophy and the ideologies of religious and social thought along with The political and economic orientation of the state, so ensuring the governance of legislation is achieved through its justice from the start.