Spatial variation in the phenomenon of divorce in the district of Souk Al-Shuyoukh


  • Hakem Naser Hussein


Divorce is a social phenomenon that has many negative consequences such as family disintegration, hatred, child leakage, psychosocial effects, deviant behavior, etc., as well as low fertility rates and curbing population growth. This phenomenon.The aim of the research is to know the level of spatial and temporal variation of the divorce phenomenon in the district of Souk al-Shuyukh. As well as knowledge of economic and social factors and variables that have a direct impact on the phenomenon of divorce. The study was divided into several, topics the first included the geographical distribution of the phenomenon by administrative units, while the second topic was devoted to the study of information relating to the absolute and include classification by environment and economic and educational situation. The study showed that there is a wide variation in the distribution of divorces according to the administrative units of the market of the Senate.