Prayers of Belonging and Identity in the Diwan of (In Jerusalem) by the Poet Tamim Al-Barghouti


  • Khawla Mahmoud Al-Asaad


The study tracks the indicators of the reflection of the features of identity and belonging in order to know the position of the poet Tamim Al-Barghouti on the issues of his nation, and the extent of his commitment to that main issue (Jerusalem). And to highlight the most important memories that the poet brings to his homeland, to decipher his texts, the extent to which they are charged with connotations, and the impact of his imprint on the recipient. The study adopted the descriptive approach, which is based on tracking and monitoring artistic phenomena, and trying to identify the sources of creativity in the poet's poetry. The research consists of: An introduction, and a pause with the relationship of language to identity and belonging. The first topic: In it, levels of identity according to Tamim Al-Barghouti, national affiliation. And the second topic: The circles of identity for the poet, which are: The national, cultural and age identity. And in it: Celebrating historical symbols and Arab heritage, through: Invoking the religious and historical symbol. And it follows the levels of language and lexicon belonging. Finally, a list of the most important findings of the study. And a list of sources and references.