Education Policy Innovation in Dynamic Governance Perspective in North Luwu District Education Programs


  • Iqbal Aidar Idrus
  • Agus Suryono
  • Irwan Noor
  • Fadillah Amin


Innovation and policy are two terms that complement one another in the public sector. In identifying the topic of Education policy innovation from the perspective of dynamic governance regarding the PNS teacher distribution program and Sarjana Mengajar program in North Luwu Regency on empirical, policy, and theoretical issues through initial observations. The researcher explained, as mentioned in previous research, related to policy innovation in regional administration. This research aims to analyze Dynamic Governance's role in policy innovation in improving the quality of education in remote areas of North Luwu Regency. This study used a qualitative research approach with a case study approach. This study found that the civil servant teacher distribution program proportionally and the Sarjana Mengajar program were strengthened by Regent Regulation No. 28 of 2012 & Regent Regulation of 2017 No. 1 concerning the Sarjana Mengajar program. The placement of civil servant teachers has been determined according to regulations. The role of the leader in the success of the Sarjana Mengahar program and the distribution of teachers is critical to the success of policy innovation. Furthermore, organizational culture principles on guidelines for actions based on values, beliefs & integrity. The organizational culture in carrying out the PNS teacher distribution program and the Sarjana Mengajar program for the distribution of non-ASN teachers must have strong integrity so that the education budget can be distributed well, and transparency must be empowered so that the openness of the use of the budget is evident to the community.