Hots Content of Reading Skills Assessments in Student Books To Promote Critical Thinking Skills


  • Asih Riyanti
  • Burhan Nurgiyantoro
  • Maman Suryaman


This study was to analyze the HOTS content in the reading skills section of the Student Book of the Junior High School (SMP) of the Indonesia language subject based on the revised Bloom's taxonomy. The source of data was the 2013 Curriculum of the Junior High School's the Indonesia language Student Book published by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Indonesia. The data were in the form of words, sentences, and texts as found in the assessment of the reading skills. The research instrument was the researchers themselves equipped with an analytical framework. The data collection was carried out by documentation, reading, and note-taking. The data analysis was conducted by determining the Operational Verbs (OVs) for each item, categorizing data for LOTS and HOTS, coding and selecting data categories, presenting data, and making inferences. The data validity was attained based on the data validity and reliability determined by experts. The test validity of the data was determined using the credibility test triangulation of sources with intra-rater and inter-rater. The results show that the total number of reading skills assessments in the SMP Student Books was 173 with 71 of them carrying HOTS content. The assessment in the Student's Book consists of an assessment of knowledge and skills. The Operational Verbs (OVs) with the levels of C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, and C6 are 101 in each reading skills assessment. When analyzed using the revised Bloom's taxonomy, there are 17 OVs of analyzing, evaluating, and creating for the class VII Student Book; 21 OVs for the class VIII Student Book; and 16 OVs for the class IX Student Book. In conclusion, the questions in the assessment in the student books of the reading skills for class IX contain HOTS. This indicates that the book can help students to increase their critical thinking skills through reading.