The Meaning of Heritage Land in the View of the Gorontalo People


  • Kaharuddin Kamaru
  • Mahmud Tang
  • Ansar Arifin
  • Sahmin Madina


Land is a means of production that can bring prosperity. Economically, land is a place of food sources, a place to find a livelihood, as a place to carry out productive activities, increase income and welfare of peasant families. Land has a very high economic value so that it is everyone's obligation to maintain and maintain existence as an object of economic value because land is also beneficial for the implementation of development but land also often causes various kinds of problems for humans so that its use needs to be controlled as well as possible so as not to cause problems in people's lives. The purpose of the study is alternative settlement of inheritance land disputes through a non-litigation judicial mechanism in Gorontalo City. The research approach chosen in this study is descriptive qualitative with ethnographic research types. This type of research data consists of primary data and secondary data. The results of the study were obtained;   1) From the economic side, land is a means of production that can bring prosperity. Generally, land in Gorontalo City is interpreted not only as a means of transportation and also a place of worship, but land becomes a place of business that brings welfare to the owner, 2) Land ownership will affect a person's social status in society. A person who is at the top social status or elite, usually has honor and authority and is not uncommon to be a decision maker in every decision making at the community level. In Gorontalo City, land for its owner is a political asset in decision-making in society, 3) From the social side of land is self-existence, as a place to find itself as a whole, even land is a symbol of social status in society. Land for the people in Gorontalo City is seen as a culture, which is a way of life that develops and is shared by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation, 4) From the religious side, land is interpreted as something sacred because it is related with inheritance and transcendental problems.   The people of Gorontalo City believe that every deed of any kind will always receive God's reward and punishment according to the degree of change.