The Artistic Expression of Interpersonal Communication Eases the Attachment Barriers of College Students


  • Lihong Shi
  • Jaipak Burapajana


This Article aimed to study the artistic expression of interpersonal communication eases the attachment barriers of college students:(1) Through a questionnaire survey, we can understand the situation and main manifestations of attachment disorder among college students; (2) To explore the feasibility of applying art therapy to alleviate college students' attachment barriers and improve their interpersonal relationships; (3) Improve symptoms through group counseling and case consultation, collect and analyze data through self-evaluation, others' evaluation and behavior changes, and evaluate whether the artistic expression of interpersonal communication effectively alleviates college students' attachment barriers. The sample was university students and the average age was 18-28 years old. A total of 600 questionnaires were distributed and 575 questionnaires were returned, with a return rate of 95.80%. After excluding some non-response (≥5%) or regular responses, 541 valid questionnaires remained, with an effective rate of 94.09%. The AAS and ECR scales were used to screen 150 students with attachment disorders. Expressive arts therapy type of group counselling was conducted for the students.Analysed for reliability with the aid of the application software Statistical Products and Services Solution SPSS 22.0, and data were processed. The differences were considered statistically significant. A validation factor analysis was also conducted with the aid of AMOS 16.0 to test its construct validity. Using t-test and ANOVA for demographic variables, Pearson correlation to analyse the correlation between variables. The research results were found as follows:

1          This article explores there are three attachment disorders of college students,namely attachment anxiety,attachment avoidance,and attachment fear.

2          Art therapy can really alleviate college students' attachment barriers, improve interpersonal relationships, help college students have more insight, and bring about improvement in emotion, cognition, behavior, and interpersonal relationships in a more comfortable way without increasing harm.

3          Through experiments and interventions, it is verified that the artistic expression of interpersonal communication effectively alleviates college students' attachment barriers.