Model for Relative Evaluation of Quality of Public Utilities System for Housing Development Index in Thailand (PUSH Index)


  • Boonsong Thanyakit
  • Jirawat Damrianant


The Land Development Act, B.E. 2543, is the primary law that governs Public Utilities System for Housing Development (PUSHD) in Thailand. According to the Land Development Act and Central Land Development Board, PUSHD can be categorized into 19 lists. However, as of now, Thailand lacks many criteria for indicators or indexes (Indicator or Index) that can define the quality level of PUSHD. The study is aimed to develop a model to determine the PUSH Index, which is made up of four factors: construction pricing factor, law, performance, and model for relative evaluation of the quality of the public utilities system for the housing development index (PUSH Index). As for the study results of the model for the evaluation quality of public utilities system for housing development index (PUSH Index), the researcher developed the criteria for finding factors of the model, and there were four indicators affecting the housing development public utility index: cost indicator ( ),  law indicator ( ),  performance indicator ( ), and satisfaction indicator ( ). It was also found that the PUSH Index of the Perfect Place housing development projects, Pandara 2 and Panacea Ville, was at a moderate level (C), while the PUSH index of the Arada Ville project was at a good level (B).