Factors Influencing Employee's Job Satisfaction of Royal Malaysia Police Force (RMPF) a Selected Police District


  • Chang Jia Chee
  • Liew Peh Ting
  • Asokan Vasudevan
  • Wong Yee Fong
  • Wong Siew Fong
  • Chan Kait Loon
  • Toong Hai Sam


Purpose- This study aims to assess factors influencing employee job satisfaction in selected Royal Malaysia Police Force in Malaysia

Design/methodology/approach- The study took a quantitative approach that focuses on collecting numerical data that can be examined using statistical methods before being translated into information using quantitative techniques to understand the phenomena of job satisfaction among employees of the Royal Malaysia Police Force. The questionnaires were randomly distributed to the police officers in different departments and rankings. The questionnaire was generated using Google Form Format. The questionnaire was the best method for measuring tools because the privacy of respondents was highly concerned; thus, the questionnaire did not collect respondents' personal identity information. A set of hypotheses arising from a conceptual model of job satisfaction was tested using SPSS.

Findings: The results show that salary, promotion opportunities, superior supervision and job design positively influence job satisfaction. The hypotheses were supported, and the R square value equals 0.549. This indicates that the proposed research model can explain the 54.9% of factors influencing job satisfaction levels.

Practical implications – The result of the finding may help the Royal Malaysia Police to improve the employee job satisfaction level and lead to better quality and performance of the employees. The researcher can develop a better design of research to improve the research model since this can act as the primary information research model for future study purposes.