The Influencing Factors and Customer-centric Brand Equity in China Retail Banking


  • Mengxi Yang
  • Lim Kim Yew
  • Sam Toong Hai
  • Tan Owee Kowang
  • Tee Poh Kiong
  • Asokan Vasudevan
  • Xue Ruiteng


There are few studies of brand influence elements and brand equity in developing countries' retail banking. This study examines the links between customer experience, brand innovativeness, word-of-mouth, and advertising and brand equity in China's retail banking. Customer experience, brand innovativeness, word-of-mouth, and advertising influence retail banking brand equity in developing nations. This study examines the impact of customer experience, brand innovation, word-of-mouth, and advertising on customer-based brand equity. The results obtained from the data analysis indicate that customer experience, brand innovativeness, word of mouth, and advertising are positively and significantly related to customer-based brand equity.  This empirical study needs the attention of brand managers because retail banking is becoming more important to economic growth in developing countries.