Implementing A Policy to Promote the Production of Research Results, Academic Works, And Innovations to The Practice


  • Luckana Parnichsan
  • Usa Kaewkamkong
  • Sutthiporn Boonsong
  • Sakon Phungamdee
  • Kumron Sirathanakul
  • Chanyanan Somthawinpongsai
  • Dr.Pensri Bangbon
  • Dowroong Watcharinrat


This research aims to study the policy's implementation conditions and recommend suggestions for promoting research results, academic works, and practical innovations. The Royal Thai Air Force Nursing College's 30 lecturers were the quantitative research target group, and its executives, project leaders, and four selected lecturers were the qualitative research target group. The instrument used in the quantitative research was a five-level estimation scale questionnaire with a 0.91 reliability, while the one used in qualitative research was a standardized interview form. The statistics used in the data analysis were mean and standard deviation. The results were as follows: 1. On implementation conditions, the lecturers' leadership average was at the highest level, ranking the most elevated (µ = 4.57, S.D. = 0.57), followed by their attitude average (µ = 4.50, S.D. = 0.60), while the resources being at the lowest (µ = 4.08, S.D. = 0.78); and 2. On suggestions, additional resources needed to be explored for future policy implementations. Thus, a budget should be allocated to meet lecturers' needs.