Creativity and Teamwork toward the Creative Economy Involvement Based on Madurese Culture


  • R. Agoes Kamaroellah
  • Clara Neltje Meini Rotinsulu
  • Khalid Fauzi Aziz
  • Ichsan
  • Zul Azmi
  • Dyah Handayani Dewi
  • Hambali
  • Nanda Saputra


The creative economy has been growing and developing well in big cities where the best resources and network marketing can be found. However, the small cities also have a significant opportunity to build their creative economy. One of the important factors is human resource involvement. This study aimed to analyze students’ creativity and students’ teamwork toward their involvement in the creative economy. This is qualitative research. Data were collected through a Likert-scale questionnaire. The samples were estimated 215 students of Islamic Business and Economics Department of IAIN Madura. The SEM – PLS model is used to analyze the data. All hypotheses were supported that creativity and teamwork positively influence the students’ involvement in creative economy activities based on Madurese culture. The equation model was obtained that students' involvement = 0256 Creativity + 0861 Teamwork. Further research should add latent variables as moderating or intervening variables to get a more in-depth study.