Confronting Gender Inequality in Prisons: International Problems and Human Rights


  • Ms. Sofia Khatun
  • Dr. Sivananda Kumar K.


‘Gender equality is more than a goal than a goal in itself. It is a pre-condition in meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance’.

---- Kofi Annan

Gender inequality is a gender-based discrimination which is strictly prohibited under the international laws and thus it must be confronted in every sector to address the problems that still persist. In general, women represent a very meagre percentage of the total inmates in prisons but globally these numbers are increasing at a very alarming rate. In many instances it is also seen that imprisonment rate of women is more than men. The causes of women’s imprisonment are many like that of non-violent offences, violence related, deteriorating financial issues and various other economic factors. The women offenders lack financial resources for their legal representation and end up paying fines and face difficulty in getting bail. The paper highlights the rights of women being detained without neglecting the obligations that comes alongside regarding the administration and the prisoners.

The article envisages the related factors accountable for gender inequality in prisons, and transpire solutions for addressing the concerned problems with incarcerated women struggling throughout nations.