Perception of the Citizen of the Peruvian Amazon, About the Management of the Regional Government, in the Framework of Covid-19


  • Franklin Omar Zavaleta Chávez Arroyo
  • Edinson Cueva Vega
  • Milena Leticia Weepiu Samekash
  • Ester Roxana Muñoz Torres
  • Juana del Pilar Contreras Portocarrero


Covid-19 caused a global pandemic; Given this, governments implemented strategies to deal with it, therefore, the Peruvian State transferred economic resources to regional governments to support the population. In this context, the research that served as the basis for this article aimed to identify the perception of the citizen of the Peruvian Amazon, about the management of the regional government, within the framework of Covid-19. The research was descriptive, non-experimental design with a quantitative approach; The technique used for data collection was the survey and the questionnaire as an instrument, applying a stratified probabilistic sampling in the capitals of the provinces of the Amazon region. The results indicate that the level of knowledge of the Amazonian citizen about the functions and obligations of the Regional Government of Amazonas is low with 48.5% and with respect to deficiencies and attributes it reached a medium level with 67.5%. It is concluded that the perception of the citizen regarding the management of the Regional Government of Amazonas in the framework of Covid-19 is disapproving, in addition, a low participation of the population in public management issues carried out by the authorities in favor of the population is shown.