The effect of changing circumstances on the validity of administrative decisions


  • Wedad Al-Khurram
  • Prof. Abdesselam Ouhajjou


The administrative decision is the most important aspect of the activity and privileges of the authority that the administration enjoys and derives from public law. Through it, the administration can unilaterally in some circumstances exercise its function, contrary to the general rules in private law, to establish rights or impose obligations, and the reason for this is for the sake of public interest as a priority over individual interests. The administrative decision, as an important activity of the administrative authority, consists of several pillars, which are the pillar of jurisdiction, form, location, reason, and purpose, which is the body of the administrative decision. They also represent limits that the administration may not violate, or else its decisions will be tainted with voidable defects. Finally, we hope that this study will come out, even in a few words, that will contribute, even with one brick, to the Libyan administrative law system.