Study on Construction of Corridor for Conservation of Port Heritage under Interdiciplinary Perspective


  • Ling Shen
  • Asmawan Mohd Sarman
  • Mohamad Ibrahim bin Mohamad
  • Guo Min Wei


Port heritage as a crucial element for urban redevelopment is attracting more attention while facing many challenges. Though many big inspirational waterfront revitalization projects merged during the past decades, much more tragedies of port infrastructure degrading in urbanization are ongoing all over the world due to the limitation of methods for identification and preservation. This paper aims to bring a new perspective to understand port heritage by conceiving a “corridor”, from which, the scattered lineal remains are expected to act more significantly and effectively for urban redevelopments with the help of integration with dynamic landscape infrastructures. Firstly, reviews on heritage corridor give a sight for awareness that not only the heritage resource but also the surroundings need to be preserved multidimensionally. Additionally, a simplified research framework is proposed for identification and ranking the port heritage based on Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), in which, an adaptive evaluation with quantitative and qualitative consideration is being operated through attributor-reconstruction under the morphological configuration. At last, a net-worked landscape system is introduced to cover the space in and between the heritage sites, which forms the spatial skeleton of the corridor, meanwhile, contributing to the landscape infrastructure to serve, improve and beautify the urban waterfront.