Women Endowments in Islamic Thinking: The Educational Establishments as a Sample


  • Dr. Raja Bent Said Ali bin Saleh AL Mehdar


This study aims to highlight the women's Endowments establishments and other properties via Islamic thinking and discover the aims, and functions of women's Endowments on the educational associations, and the effect/role of these women's Endowments on the establishment's prosperity, in addition to accomplishing that aims, this study depend on the Descriptive analytical method and reached this study to the followings

The women's endowments in the educational establishments consider one of the faces of Islamic life that played an important role in religious life, support educational affairs, and varied the targeted, benefited categories from the establishments, in addition to sponsoring the educated people, Jurists and those who study religious jurisprudence, as well, Preserving books and manuscripts, inheritance, that was the biggest educations funding source across the history.   The women's endowments exerted powers to achieve a group of targets that reflect on the social sponsorship side. In addition, apply many functions on the economic, social, and educational levels that affected to improve the cultural, and educational levels for many society categories to increase their income, at the same time these efforts participated to decrease the state burden in many responsibilities to manage the society's affair in a satisfying way.