The state of musically gifted students in Palestine: a case study


  • Dr. Yousef J. Alawneh
  • Dr. Taghreed Al-Momani
  • Falsten N. Salman
  • Dr.Thair A. Kaddumi
  • Dr. Mohama’d Al-Dlalah
  • Dr.Asma Alkhwaldeh


This study aimed to identify the condition of the musically gifted students in Palestine, and in order to achieve the objectives of the study, the qualitative approach was used in a case study style, where an intentional sample of talented students was selected in the Edward Said Center for Giftedness. Ingenious, as the interview was relied on to achieve the goal of the study, and after coding the interviews and working on their inductive and deductive analysis, the study questions were answered in full and a set of results came out, the most important of which was that the obstacles faced by the talented musician were the lack of time, and the balance between his academic life and his musical talent because the development of talent and focus in it It takes time for that time to be a very important element in the development of talent, and it turns out that there is an importance for the family in supporting its children and nurturing their talents and the need for continuous encouragement for them, and with regard to the role of the teacher, the role of the teacher is no less important than the role of the parents. His school supported their talents, and some of them found frustration and lack of support from his school, and with regard to the role of the Edward Said Institute, it is clear in supporting and supporting the pain We belong to him and teach them music and improve their talents. Based on the results of the study, the researchers came up with a number of recommendations, the most important of which was working to support institutes and centers that support talent in Palestine, the need to provide school laws and classes for talent to develop and refine it and direct it in the right direction.