Collaboration Of Actors In Tourism Recovery Post Covid-19 Outbreak In Bandung City


  • Susniwati
  • Dewi,Waryanti
  • Margana


At this time, many people in the city of Bandung depend on the tourism sector in their lives. The purpose of making the Perwal policy Number 103 of 2021, especially in the tourism sector, is to protect the public and managers and business actors to minimize the occurrence of COVID-19, mainly so that new clusters of tourists' objects do not appear. The purpose of the study was to analyze the collaboration of actors in tourism recovery after the Covid-19 outbreak in Bandung city. The research methodology is descriptive qualitative research, and data collection techniques are three methods: interview, observation, and Documentation. The results of the study found that the difficulties of tourism recovery after the coronavirus disease (covid-19) outbreak in the city of Bandung included (a) the available budget was unable to meet the needs in implementing policies (b) compliance from tourism object managers in implementing the regulations contained in the regulation number 103 the year 2021 (c) Lack of knowledge of tourism resources. However, post-covid-19 tourism recovery in Bandung has been helped by digitalization or advances in information technology.