The implementation of coal production and sales is an activity carried out by PT Armada Bhumi Cakrawala


  • Dr. Miswan, M. Si
  • Angga Harry Dewantho
  • Sahdam Tri Nurcahyo


The implementation of coal production and sales is an activity carried out by PT Armada Bhumi Cakrawala, an activity that is carried out every day, and many of the activities carried out by this company are obstacles that make production or sales fluctuate. Price stability and production or sales are important issues. which is very crucial.. especially during this pandemic, there are many delays in production, sales or payments. To increase the company's activities so as not to experience such things, the company made improvements in management, including Standard Operating Procedures. Job Analysis, Job Descriptions were reviewed. With the intention that employees work in accordance with the provisions set by the management. Even though in reality the implementation of management policies does not always run well and sometimes it is not always guided by the policies that have been set because it depends on the situation and conditions in the field. Researchers took the locus in Tanah Bumbu, Tanah Laut..Peleihary, South Kalimantan Province. The purpose of this study is to analyze the management policy of PT Armadha Bhumi Cakrawala whether it is in accordance with management policy, how the implementation is carried out by the employees of this company in the field. This research uses descriptive qualitative method. Data collection is done by interviewing from various sources that have been determined and approved by the management. In qualitative research, data is obtained from various sources, by using various data collection techniques (triangulation) and carried out continuously until the data is saturated. The results of this study are the determining factors for the implementation of management policies of PT Armada Bhumi Cakrawala, which is based in Jakarta and whether the company is in the field, whether the target has been fixed as mandated by the party. Management.