Analysis of the Quality of Information Systems for Regional Public Service Agencies (BLUD) Bandung City Parking


  • Barkah Rosadi
  • An Nisa Diana, S.A.P., M.Si
  • Soni Suryana
  • Nanang Ruskaya
  • Suryana Koswara
  • Riko Pramudia


Service is an activity that occurs in direct interaction between a person and another person or physical machine. While the public is a number of people who have together thoughts, feelings, hopes, attitudes and actions that are good and right based on norm values ​​that feel they belong. And the essence of public service is the provision of excellent service to the community which is the embodiment of the obligations of government officials as public servants. Parking services are facilities and infrastructure in the form of mandatory facilities to support the continuity of the transportation process. The phenomena in this study are: Inadequate infrastructure, lack of human resources, conventional data processing processes, compliance with service standards that need to be considered, namely: responsiveness, reliability, assurance, empathy, tangibles. The purpose of this study was to gain an in-depth understanding of the description, implementation, constraints, efforts to overcome obstacles to the quality of information system services and to analyze the quality of the BLUD information system program and its application, as well as to determine the impact of the BLUD information system program on the original opinion of the Bandung City area. Knowing the driving and inhibiting factors of the BLUD information system program, providing solutions, efforts to overcome obstacles, problem solving and recommendations that are useful for maximizing the implementation of the BLUD information system program. This research uses case study research with a qualitative approach. Quality measurements in this study are responsiveness, reliability, assurance, empathy, tangibles. The research method in this research is descriptive analysis. Snowballing technique. The technique of data collection is done by interview and observation. Data collection techniques were carried out by Literature Studies and field studies which included in-depth interviews, observation and documentation. The author's data validity technique uses participation extension, persistence/consistency and triangulation. To analyze the data the writer did it through several stages with the initial steps of data collection, data reduction, data presentation and at the final stage the researcher drew conclusions. The results show that it is good enough but needs to be optimized because there are still shortcomings, such as human resources need to be added, data processing is still conventional, data processing needs to be added to computerization. It is necessary to add an application for making an e-information system. From the results of interview research as many as 43 people feel quite good so that services to the community need to be maximized to produce the best and optimal service. Information systems will make work easier and more effective and efficient. Being accessible anywhere is a distinct advantage because it no longer takes time for the performance of employees who are located far apart. And the existing data can be fully updated, the application must be easy to use so that it can be used optimally and has features according to the needs of the BLUD. In carrying out the service process to the Bandung City Parking BLUD community. An information system is needed that helps simplify the process of preparation, implementation and reporting. The information system itself must make work easier, uncomplicated, flexible and adaptive, because it adapts to the dynamics of service delivery to the community which results in frequent adjustments to government policies. Given the many applications that have been used in government, this application must be integrated with the others in order to avoid repetition of the same work. The results of the study on the quality of dental health services at the MA Asih Putera polyclinic. It is recommended that the quality of the Bandung City BLUD parking service system in responsiveness, reliability, assurance, empathy, tangibles (TERRA) needs to be considered again for more optimal service progress.